23 Groupies Which Connected Along with their Idols Show The Tales

23 Groupies Which Connected Along with their Idols Show The Tales

Nothing is particularly meeting a famous individual leave you comprehend just how many famous people bring. If or not these include completely different personally than on television, provides help glory change him or her to the a called jerk, or are simply mean individuals who reduce someone else including dirt, future face-to-face that have individuals you once idolized and you can interested in away these include really the poor is not a great feeling. So there try fewer an effective way to hammer this point house than just connecting using these some one.

As soon as u/gasmyan*s expected Reddit, “Band groupies which had intercourse using their idols, just how made it happen affect the way your noticed them later on?”, all the responses had been disappointing (toward OP, not to ever all of us-it’s delicious, plumbing beautiful beverage anyway!) but some was actually sweet and you may funny.

Continue reading observe a few of the wildest stories of groupies (and you may family out-of groupies) which slept with their idols and you can stayed to tell the brand new story. On the Reddit.

I knew a girl one slept that have Pitbull probably ten years ago. She told you the guy never took his colour regarding, even if they had sex.-u/JaneErrrr

A woman I’m sure banged Aaron Carter immediately after a satisfy and you will desired. He or she is going right through a hard time and i also don’t believe they have fulfilled since but I think it still text often. She however believes he is great, they fulfilled the lady childhood wish to satisfy him and sleep with your.-u/GraxDeNax

I understand several various other lady whom f-ked Tiesto regularly. He would fly him or her off to Las vegas and you can Miami into rotation. Kid was in his 40s, flying out 18-20 year olds. It appreciated traveling and then he do travel their friends out as well so they really got providers. Among next did not very look for him as an enthusiastic idol, much more due to the fact a no cost travel occasionally.-u/[deleted]

Not sex, but my mum was kissed by the David Bowie at a performance in the united kingdom from the 70’s. As he leftover everybody in the group started looking to hug their, since his throat had simply been on hers. She said it had been an extremely nice kiss :)-u/Tropical_b-tch

We talked into the son I happened to be relationship so we mylol set up they

We was not an excellent groupie as such but old one when you look at the an effective tribute ring to own Guns N Roses some time ago. He nevertheless used their Axel ensemble and you will cited him, expected me to label your Axel Flower plus it was the newest most cringeworthy exposure to my entire life.-u/Newhomeworld

My personal pal’s cafe gets a-listers and you will athletes and you may particularly have a tendency to and you can Bieber has been recognized to have once or twice. Among the hostess female returned to their lodge having your and you may said she is “very distressed” (lady, we need info!).-u/AcedtheTuringTest

A pal away from a pal who had been obsessed with Tim Burton, very she delivered your an image of herself nude, with her target. A plan was made, Burton showed up, contacting himself her “dream companion” and you will saying that not one in the really was going on. They’d intercourse, and he leftover up the charade of not becoming here the whole way up until he kept. Her obsession are cured.-u/snap_wilson

The guy and i also might have intercourse on a regular basis, in addition to “Axel” of ring suggested i have a threesome some time

It wasn’t me but in my own sphere a girl hooked up with John Mayer such as 10 years back in which he pissed for her after.-u/bhp126

A pal out of mine had intercourse which have Christopher Mintz-Plasse, An effective.K.An effective. Mclovin. They still text message and you will appear to he is a super nice kid-u/custyrunt

I’ve been told by a girl who knows, you to Leo DiCaprio wears earphones when he fucks groupies. I can’t imagine it can make a woman feel very good about herself afterwards.-u/iconoclast63