How Does Zoosk Work? | What Is It And How To Use It 2022 Guide

How Does Zoosk Work? | What Is It And How To Use It 2022 Guide

Zoosk is a seasoned player in the dating scene. This location-based app and site has been around since 2007, gaining over 40,000,000 users to date. With a reported 3 million messages sent each day, Zoosk isnt one to miss.

Based on who you interact with and what profiles you click on, the Zoosk algorithm builds up an idea of what type you usually go for.

From there, it begins to suggest people who are closer to your type, filling the app with people you are more likely to find attractive.

The more you use it, the better it becomes. So if you want to cut to the chase and figure out how it works by yourself, you can go ahead and sign up for free.

Zoosk includes an app as well as a website/desktop version, with not really much difference between the two. So keep in mind when reading that all features are offered across both platforms.

Thats a general overview, but now lets jump into exactly how Zoosk works. By the end of this article, youll know how to use Zoosk and what all of the features can do for you.

What Does Zoosk Mean?

Zoosk stands for Zeal of Others Seeking Kindreds. Which is about the most pretentious way Ive ever heard of someone saying ‘hot singles in your area.

How Does Zoosk Work?

Think Tinder, but smarter. Zoosk is based on behavioral matchmaking. That means that with each new profile you interact with, the app begins to learn what your type is.

The app works similarly to other popular dating apps, letting you swipe through profiles until you find one that interests you. The Search function is very similar to Tinder.

Once you find a person you like, if you have the full version of the site/app, youll be able to send messages. One additional feature is the inclusion of virtual gifts, letting you send items to your matches.

Zoosk also has two other modes, Carousel and SmartPicks. Carousel allows you to swipe through profiles quickly, helping the algorithm build up an idea of who you find attractive. You either give a Yes, No or Maybe to each photo.

The algorithm sees who you tend to interact with, then finds people with similar stats, trying to match you with another user.

How Zoosk Sign Up Works

Compared to some of the other dating sites that I recommended in my Best Dating Apps of 2022, the sign-up process for Zoosk is a breeze.

After you create an account for free, launching into Zoosk only takes a couple of minutes. Youll be asked for your age, location, and to provide a picture as a starter.

After filling in your body type, height, and ethnicity, you will have reached the grand 2-minute mark. Finally, youll be asked a few more personal preference questions, like if you smoke or have kids.

How Your Zoosk Profile Works

The first thing you see when you get on to the app is someones profile. Zoosk puts one profile up at a time, their main photo taking up the whole screen.

Their picture will also have a little bit of info about them, typically just name, age, and distance away from you. From there, you can swipe to check out other photos, bio, and stats.

‘Education and Career are exactly what they sound like, detailing your highest level of education and career choice. For some reason, if someone smokes also comes under this heading.

Alongside these details, you can also include ‘My Story, in which you can write a short paragraph about yourself. If the creative juices arent flowing, you can also answer a few prompts.